Friday, March 26, 2010

“Flash Friends” - The Dark Truth

Disclaimer: I truly believe that there is something called Good Friend and think that I do have few :) (Btw thinking doesn’t mean that one is right..its more of a perception )

How many times you meet a colleague, a room mate , a batch mate with whom you can connect …and how many times this acquaintance of yours end up being your friend,
Well….. the throughput for me is very less coz I am very choosy …..but still there are few instances ..I am human after all!!!!!!!

I am not going to talk about how two people become friends that is too trivial for me to write. I know your time is precious if not mine :) So to cut it short … You and the acquaintance of yours becomes “Flash Friends” and the honey moon period starts……
You share your GF’s/BF’s between you (well not literally ;)) ..You enjoy your drinks with him/her (especially if bill is not being paid by you)..You always want to go out with that person (Just because his GF is quite hot and that is only chance you have to interact with her …Bad ..Very Bad.. :):)) …You start believing (in every lie he/she tells you) …
You feel blessed!!!!


And then the so called “Flash Friend” of yours goes out of your life..Reasons ..mmmm
God doesn’t want to see you Happy :):)
Well nothing like that ..New Job…College Over…Marriage…Onsite.. are few which I can think of

Then there is a futile attempt of being in touch via phone….but sooner rather than later even this also ends as your “Flash Friend” is either too busy ( what the hell !! every body seems to be busy when you need them the most …..)..or has got new “Flash Friends”….or too busy in his/her married life… or just doesn’t want to talk to you ( common… ppl can get bored of you, after all you are not the most charming/smartest soul on earth :) )
You end up being alone suddenly and sometime it hurts ….coz ..there is no one to empathize with you …your emotional distress call goes unanswered…your advice seeking call goes unanswered…your request for a new laptop/iPod at lower price from abroad goes unanswered ..Gosh this one hurts the most ..I tell you :D
Needless to say that there is no follow up call also ..wondering how people can be busy for months…sometime even years …

So what to do now ……….
WTF dude!!!!…..Life never Stops ...People change….what’s wrong with it .. ‘Change is the only constant’ ..accept it!!!!!
Stop being emotional fool… Move on ..Move over ..Push aside rather than being a pushover …Still not feeling good… Buy that Laptop/Ipod of yours ....will hurt your pocket a bit :(….but it will make you Happy and there is no price tag for Happiness……
Through with it.…Good for you …

Your gone “Flash Friend” is like a Dormant bank account….not active but still there …Don’t delete them from your Orkut, Face Book after all head count matters ;)

Few months down the line.. want to touch base with your old “Flash Friend” again ……You are such a loser man!!! Do whatever you want to do.!!!!

What’s the point in wasting your time/energy for those pricks ??
No Second attempt here :)

TGIF…Time for Beer with new “Flash Friends”…..
Would be back with 3rd one…………….

PS : I "think" even I have been a “Flash Friend” to many ….

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Significance of "First"

Shall I do it..or Should I hold?..What if it didn't work? ..such questions bothers you when you do something new."Do the New" has always fascinated me!It can be the First day at office ..First Proposal..First Drink...First date with "First" Girlfriend ......First Kiss ....and the list goes on and on and on with every possible thing which a person can do for the first time ....and it includes every damn thing under the sky.....
And once done with that "First time" stigma ..we start doing the split analysis of how it went....cribbing or gushing about it .........I, as a person always look forward to the "Second time" matter how good your first attempt was ..there is always a chance of getting greater satisfaction when you repeat ....although that curiosity will not be there but you still would be able to get something good out of it......coz your Second date and subsequent ones will lead you towards a relationship ....your second and subsequent round of boozing will make you understand this world in a better way ( may be more on it in next blog ) ......your second and subsequent kisses....well I think I need to stop here :)
So think ..improvise..innovate...and go for it ......but watching a movie second time .........need to think about it :)
And yes .. I am going to write a second one very keep watching for matter what you feel about this one .....there is always a second one coming :)