Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Special – Few Good ones

Disclaimer: None of the below is mine; I am just an admirer and collector of good words!!

Few good ones which are close to my heart !!!!

Mat puch ke merey sabar ki inteha kahan tak hai
Tu sitam kar le teri razaa jahan tak hai
Wafa ki umeed jinhey hogi,unhey hogi
Humey to dekhna hai tu bewafa kahan tak hai

Toot Jaate Hai Sabhi Rishtey Magar
Dil Se Dil Ka Rishta Apni Jagah
Dil Ko Hai Tujh Se Naa Milney Ka Yaqeen
Tujh Se Milne Ki Dua Apni Jagah

Badanaam mere pyaar kaa afsana hua hai
Deewaney bhi kahtey hain ki deewana hua hai
Rishta tha tabhi tu kisi be-dard ney todaa
Apnaa tha tabhi tu koi be-gaanaa hua hai

Mujhko tanha chor ney waaley
Kahi tu na tanha rah jaye
Jis pe tujh ko naaz hai itna
Uska naaam zamaanaa hai

Isey se badakar dost koii hota nahi
Sab judaa ho jaaye lekin Gham judaa hotaa nahi

Mera duniyaan main koi nahi
Yeh duniya waley kahtey hai
Par ye nadaan kya jaaney....
Mein..mera dard...meri tanhai....sath saath rahatey hai

And my most fav !!!

Woh jis ko jazzbon ki har lehar ne thehar ke deekha..kahin nahi hai
Dil ko phir bhi yakeen hai…ke woh yahi kahi hai
Tum he ko dekha.. tum he ko socha.. tum he ko chaaha….aur tumhein he na paya
Mohabbaat ke hazaar raastey…..bas koi manzil nahi hai!!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Navy cut – Still above the Cut

Disclaimer: Smoking is Injurious to Health specially if you are a girl!!

­Last night was WOW to say the least!!!
I was itching to do something good to cheer me up and thanks to the world cup, I decided to go to a local pub/lounge for Brazil vs. Portugal match. Football is a craze in Kolkata and I seem to be getting addicted to it. Anyways match was a stalemate as we all know. I don’t understand the concept of draw in a match as I feel just like life one has to win and other has to loose!!! But never mind this post is not about football or philosophy :)

As usual I was down (or Up?) by few beers and few vodka shots and was happily enjoying the night. And as I am regular there …DJ is very supportive in playing the requests I wanted to listen. Pop came the surprise; two hot girls along with a guy came to promote the New Avatar of our Good Old Navy Cut. Those who smoke knows the value of navy cut :).

99% of the smokers in India start their journey into the ‘Jungles of the Smoke’ by kissing this Queen of cigarettes!!!

Although I am predominately a non smoker but I still dragged my self to have a look and feel of this new product or maybe I just wanted to gain some proximity with those two girls ;). So the details are: New packaging, Large Filter, and a new price (90 bucks for a pack of 20). As it was a promotion I was offered few puffs which I gladly accepted. I mean if a girl is ‘Offering’ you something how can you resist it ;). Even after their so called triple filter I felt it was ‘Strong’, so Kudos to the company they have made it to the cut.

Believe me I am no where associated with this Brand, I am just writing this one to return the favor as I offered few free puffs. I love returning favors :) as I hate keeping any. Zest of my life is to Square Off !!!!

Now I know you guys also wanted to know about the second best thing in this blog after the cigarette …The Promoting Ladies :)
Well….combination of alcohol, smoke ,some foot tapping music and some visible skin transforms every girl on the floor into Katrina kaif :) . But nothing happened apart from some genuine smile exchanges . I know I am not good in marketing my self!!
But I really liked the longggg hair of one of the girls. This species of girl is dangerously getting extinct day by day thanks to boy cut, shoulder cut, bob cut and whatever cut available in beauty parlours.

So after they went away I put my dancing shoes on and DJ happily played all the tracks I wanted to Dance On…Twist, Summer of 69 ,Numb, Pardesi , and what not!!!!! And I went on and on and on alone on the floor till everything came to a logical end and somebody whispered in my ear ‘It’s time to go home good boy!!!!’

Wake up 6 in the morning …can still feel the smoke in my throat and alcohol in my head.
I need a nap badly …GN..SD..TC..KS!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Honor killings – Honoring our Narrowness

It seems like that Honor killing is latest fad among the smitten parents/relatives/communities whose children’s have defied the norms laid by the society to get married to their dream partner with whom they were deeply in love !!!
As we are frequently hearing and watching in utter disbelief about these cases & with each passing incident only one thing goes in my mind why…why…Why..WHY.. WHYYYYY!!!!!

It’s inhuman to hurt someone and I don’t understand what you would call it when somebody who is your own blood just rips you apart for the mere reason that you have taken a decision which was against your own blood. Is this is the cost which one is supposed to pay for following his or her own heart?

I was going through few of the comments which were posted against a news article related to Honor Killing …and it’s sad to realize that there are people who are silently game for it!!!! How inhuman can one be if anyone is justifying it….even if we look back into our history sacrificing one’s own life has been the trend to savor one’s pride and honor but few people think otherwise these days.

It’s true that it hurts when one stands against his or her own family for someone whom they know just from past few months or years. Our parents who have undergone considerable amount of ordeal during our upbringing have lots of hope from us which is fair enough but I seriously feel most of the time they over do it!!!!

As we all know expectations when not fulfilled give rise to frustration and anger and thus erratic behavior and acts but what is most shocking in these cases is that all have been executed in cold blooded fashion. This looks more like a revenge than a knee jerk reaction and that’s make it more dangerous and condemnable.

As we are developing and becoming more liberal and self oriented thus defying our cultural/traditional values surrounding us, our society is becoming more and more reactive/desperate/restless in its action to teach us a lesson. And if the person who brings you in this world is not considerate to you, you cannot expect much from this self centered / narrowly type casted society of yours.

There is no point in discussing whether these killings are right or wrong as you cannot make a wrong thing right by attaching honor and pride angle to it. Practically speaking I don’t see any end to this kind of brutal assassination of one’s feelings very soon and let’s hope our government enforces some strict laws to discourage this maniac behavior.

I just want an eye for an eye kind of justice for all these cases so that those who have sacrificed their lives may rest in peace and those who are supporting it should know that they just can’t escape after doing this heinous act of crime as they have approval & support from their society. No one is bigger than laws of the land!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Arrange Marriage – What, How & Why

Finally I am back from my self inflicted exile!!!!!!

As I am getting older day by day, I am precariously close of getting sucked into the greatest vortex ever existed in our society which is known as “Arrange Marriage”.

Before jumping to what it is? & how it is? Let’s first try to find WHY it is!!!!
For this we need to go back in time to the Era of Adam and Eve, I bet it was not there at that time :). It is safe to assume that we were polygamous in that era!!
And as we started developing and evolving there was a growing concern regarding how we can be different from Animals in terms of our sexual behavior towards each other and thus monogamy came into picture for the betterment of human being although I doubt it ;). ‘One partner, One relationship, One life’ gave birth to the term called ‘Marriage’.

But this approach was tweaked a little by our great civilization thus giving birth to the concept of Arrange Marriage which is a subset of Marriage. As we all know our society was initially divided into four different castes on the basis of nature of work a person does. And as you belong to a particular caste it is safe to assume that you want that caste to grow and outnumber the others which in turn will give you security and prosperity. I feel this gave birth to the concept of Arrange Marriage where parents makes sure that their son/daughter can only marry a woman/man of their caste which will indirectly help that caste to grow when they mate.

And as we kept on evolving this whole concept of Arrange Marriage become more and more complex and intimidating. Now days your parents will try to find a match for you who matches you physically (height, weight, complexion) and academically, who’s caste is compatible to yours, whose family is economically parallel to your family with good repute and to add icing on the cake horoscopes of both of you should be perfectly in sync with each other.

No wonder why it is said that marriages are made in heaven!!!

Believe me it is a very complex phenomenon, the amount of permutation and combinations involved in this process can bring a whole mainframe down.
The very first step of this process is to convince the boy/girl that now they should get married and settle down in life. And given the kind of generation we are and given what is going to come. I feel this is going to be the most difficult task in coming years with average turn around time running into years.

The Second step is to find a suitable alliance that satisfies all the parameters set by you. Again a daunting task but we have some traditional tools like relative network, marriage brokers and some cutting edge technologies like matrimonial sites to make our life easy.

The step three is all about human touch :) . I mean some ‘Deekho’ sessions by your parents and than by you. You can aptly call it a question answer round also as you gear up to face few easy ones like …Can you Cook? What is your highest Qualification? What are your hobbies? How much you earn?
And few nasty ones like Do you like joint family? Can you leave your Job? Are you Virgin? What about your ex-girlfriends...List is endless and so is the suffering!!!

The step four is all about negotiations ;) your negotiation skills are thoroughly tested.
How much dowry one can get or give all depends upon how one negotiates. If some body worth a bike then there would be a desire for a car. Gold should be accompanied by cash and fridge will not look good without plush Sofa. Then one needs to decide over where the marriage will take place. Would there be a common reception. How many people will attend the marriage, what would be the menu and blah blah blah ……All in all this is one step which is heavily dominated by the groom’s family and bride’s family doesn’t have much of a say in it …Thanks to our Culture and Society !!!!!!

And then there is Step five the preparation phase and step six is the D day but by now ones fate is sealed. And you just don’t marry the girl or the boy; you end up marrying with each others family/neighbors/cities and even to their pet dog!!!

Now the question is where I am right now …I feel I am still at step one only :) ..Which mean I still have few more bachelors months or years left :) .

Happy to be single…and today is Friday!!
What else one can ask more.... Time to enjoy my bachelorhood!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blast from the Past

Finally it's my 10th Blog!! Didn’t expected that this number will come this soon as I usually ran out of ideas while writing :) and given the small range/scope within which I use to write, I feel good about writing about this one.
Why this is special to me??
May be this is could be my last blog !!!!!!
May be I have special feelings for number 10 as I was born on this day or may be I just want to make myself feel a little better as I am not in the best of moods these days.
So what I am going to discuss in this special blog of mine. Thought hard and hard enough but wasn’t able to get any topic, so I searched outside my comfort zone to get inspired.
Thanks to my fellow Blogger / my very good friend , I got an idea !!!....A Photo Blog!!!
So I dig deep into my hard drive and came out with few pictures of my travel/adventures around the world which makes me feel happy..So here we go..enjoy !!!!
Wish this could be the way to my office every morning :) (EHV, The Netherlands)

My experiments with camera (Chandipur Beach, Orissa)

Our bike after Goa trip (750 Km from Hyderabad to Goa covered in one day both ways, in total 5 days 2000 KM and still good enough for one more trip)

Dodhsagar fall near Goa

Morning time in Ghats (Goa)

My lad :)(Grampians, Australia)

And finally me………