Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obituary of my Internet connection

My gratitude towards my internet connection (which is going to be dead tomorrow :( ) in the form of my first ever self written poem/rhyme or whatever you want to call it :)

You my friend were my life
As I don’t have a Girlfriend or Wife,
You were my first and last crush
I used to put you ‘on’ before putting toothpaste on my brush,

You were the one who made me realize that I have grown up
When one of the site asked me whether I was 18 or above,
You were the one who told me that women are from Venus
When I was just looking in Google for ‘Women + masseurs’,

When I was searching for my first crush you were my TOM TOM
We did find her but came to know that she is now a Wife + Mom,
Thanks to you only I came to know about my Ex GF’s new lover
Although I did not like this but my best wishes are with that sucker #@#$

You were there for me all through the day & night
Whether I have to book a movie ticket or a flight,
With your help I was always online on facebook, twitter and orkut
But from tomorrow everything will come to rest, as I need to stay put,

I believe in reincarnation and I know you can come back and you will
But first let me think of something to pay my internet bill!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Perfect BCP !!!

Our municipal bodies may not be up to the mark with their contingency plans with respect to Monsoon but Rikshawallhas in Kolkata are ready with a perfect business continuity plan!!!
May be it’s something to do with the hardship they face everyday for earning their daily livelihood. About which our callous municipal officers don’t have to think as they are being graciously fed by the government with the tax paid by citizens like us!!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Cloud with silver lining

Clicked from my mobile cam ..A cloud with silver lining :)

Another one..if they look same to you ..don't curse me this was the only clickable cloud and I clicked twice :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Special – Few Good ones (Part III)

Disclaimer: None of the below is mine; I am just an admirer and collector of good words!!

Few more ...Hope you will like these !!!

Jo dard ke sehra mein akela bahut hai,
Us ke liye dewaar ka sayaa bhi bahut hai..

Dekha nahi tanhaai mein tum ne kabhi us ko,
Bichrey howey logon ko woh roya bhi bahut hai..

Ghaam ke andheron se bhala kasiey bachata,
Ek shaks jo terey hijar mein jaga bhi bahut hai..

Kahaan aa ke rukey theey raastey, kahaan moor tha usseyy bhool jaa
Joo mil gaya ussey yaad rakh, joo nahien mila ussey bhool jaa....
Woh terey naseeb ki baarishey, kisi aur Chhat pe baras gaayi
Dil-e-Bekhabbar meri baat suun, ussey bhool jaa..ussey bhool jaa..

Mei tu ghum thaa terey he khayal mei, Teri aass mein, terey gumaan mei
Saba keh gayi merey kaan mei, merey paas aa ussey bhool jaa....
Kisey ke aankh mei Nahi Ashq-e-Gham, terey baad bhi kuch nahi hai
Tujhey zindagi ney bhulaa diya, Tu bhi muskuraa ussey bhool Jaa.....

Naa woh aankh he teri aankh thi, Naa woh khawaab he tera Khawaab thaa
Dil-e-Muntazir tu yeh kis liye tera jaagnaa, ussey bhool jaa, usey bhool jaa...
Yeh jo raat din ka hai khel saa, Ussey dekh us pe yakeen naa kar
Nahien aks koi bhi Mustaqil Sar-e-Aaena, Ussey bhool Jaa..Ussey bhool jaa...

Joo Bisaat-e-Jaan he ulatt Gaya, Woh joo raastey mein he palatt gaya
Ussey rookney sey husool kya, Ussey mat bulaa...ussey bhool Jaa!!!!!!!

Daag duniyaa ne diye, Zaakhm zamaaney se miley
Hum ko yeh tohfey tumsey dil laganey pe miley

Hum tarastey he, tarastey he, taraste rahey
Woh falaaney se, falaaney se, falaaney se miley

Khud sey mil jaatey tu chaahat ka bharam reh jaataa
Kyaa miley aap jo logon ke milaaney se miley!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Special – Few Good ones (Part II)

Disclaimer: None of the below is mine; I am just an admirer and collector of good words!!

Yes!! I am back again with few more from my collection...

Ek naam kya likha tera saahil ki reet par
phir umar bhar haawaon se meri dushmani rahi..

Tum mujhey bhool jaao yeh haq hai tumko
Meri baat aur hai mainey to mohabbat ki hai..

Lamha lamha kiya intezar jis lamhey ka
Who Lamha aaya to bhi ek lamhey ki liya...

Takdeer bananey waley tuney kaami na ki
Ab kis ko kya mila yeh mukkader ki baat hai….

Dil naumeed tu nahi, naakaam he to hai
Lambi hai shaam-e-gham, magar shaam he to hai !!!

Apney gham ko sharabon mein duboney chala tha
kya khabar thee ke Janab ko tairna aata hai!!

And one of my fav !!!

Aadmi ke khwaaishon ke intehaa nahi hoti...
Do gaaz zameen bhi chahiye, do gaaz kaafan ke

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Woh 12 Ghanatey!!!!

Sometimes we do things in spite of knowing the end result!!! And I did the same :)
Result??? Stranded for 12 hrs!!! Thanks to our so called Bharat Bandh.

I was happy that finally I was going to get a break from my nothing doing, nothing happening office life!!!I have planned for it just in time to get confirmed rail tickets.
But even before the journey started bad news started pouring in that there will be an all India Bandh on Monday. Oops the very day I am going to come back to Kolkata.
Given the reputation of Kolkata during the strikes (also known as ‘City of Bandh’s’) I was pretty apprehensive about my prospect of getting back to my home from the railway station. I am a firm believer that one should experience everything which a place can offer where your are living and as I haven’t observed even a single bandh in Kolkata since I landed here I decided to go ahead with my trip and decided to return to Kolkata on the very day of the strike to get a look and feel of the atmosphere :).

But guess what destiny has planned something better for me :). By the time I boarded the train I was told by different sources that on Monday my train would not be allowed to even enter in west Bengal due to bandh. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can somebody stop a Rajdhani? I asked my self naively :(.

Anyways there was no point in cancelling the trip by that time. So I boarded the train and happily spent my holidays and again boarded the Rajdhani for my return journey.
I was greeted by an Old man in the train who was just sitting next to me ( Why does all the hot chicks sits in the next boggie whenever I travel :(:( ) and he told me that it is going to be a boring journey as we are going to be stopped before entering into WB. I agreed to him that it is going to be a boring journey as I was expecting some hot chicks in front of me instead of that old man. It’s bad that even in II AC you don’t get good company ;).

Finally the inevitable happened!!! I wake up at six in the morning (my morning shift has made in so habituated that I end up waking at six even on Sundays also :() and found that train was not moving!!!!! Dragged myself out and found that we were stopped at a lonely station called Gomoh (Jharkhand). Can’t help it so I went to sleep again and wake up at eight and came to know that we were at the same station. Pretty cool!! As I could not have asked for a better start of the day, I asked the pantry boy to get my morning tea. By the time I finished my tea the train started moving and finally I was happy that BJP and other parties delivered as promised that they wouldn’t touch the railways!!!!!!!!

But to my dismay, surprise and disappointment just after 15 minutes the train stopped at Dhanbad station (Jharkhand) as it was a better station to stop by the Rajdhani standards.
And we started wondering that when this train is going to move in spite of knowing that bandh will end at 6 in the evening. Only good thing which happened during this whole episode that AC of the train was ON and meals were served on time although they were pretty knocked down in Quality and Quantity :). I was just thinking about the other trains where there is sleeper class and a general class with no AC and no Food Service!!!!
Bad!!!!Very Bad!!!

Anyhow took 5-6 rounds of the railway station (Quite clean by Indian standards :)), got my shoes polished for 5 bucks , tried Jhal Moori and litti choka to get the regional touch and to kill my time and finally resigned to my fate and came back to my seat passed a frustrating smile to the old man and slept . Finally by 5:30 the train started and by 8:30 I was in Kolkata!!!

I am not going to debate on whether these bandh’s are right or wrong as it is not going to make any difference to the people who initiate these for what so ever reason and cause. I just feel bad about the common man who has to earn on daily basis to have food at the end of the day!!!! And believe me my suffering is far lesser than the agony and pain of these peoples!!!

For me it was an experience but for many it was a bad day in life!!!