Sunday, October 24, 2010

Somewhere I belong

How does it feel when reality hits you hard?
Why we try to live in the virtual world of our own when we know that we are real and our problems are real. Why we always run away from the ‘Facts’ and take shelter under ‘Assumptions’??

After been subjected to acute pain, loniness and frustration many times I feel it happens due to the way we follow our heart & mind. When one has to think with their ‘Mind’ at that point of time they act on the advice of their ‘Heart’. And when one has to follow their ‘Heart’ they end up getting instructed by their ‘Mind’ thus ends up being a mess.

As I am acting ‘Abstract’ today so will not dive into scenarios or examples but I hope you can empathize and can correlate.

Self love is important and I feel somehow it is driven by our mind but at the same time we can’t hurt any ones feeling by just behaving as I, me and myself. But what if when there is no way out and you have to hurt someone to settle your score or to get your peace of mind. We don’t hesitate as we are driven by our mind at that point of time and then latter on feel guilty as now we are following our heart. So why we do this way?
This is something which needs to be thought upon and strategized going ahead.

There is no thing as perfect relationship, perfect person and perfect attitude the only thing which is perfect is the ‘Circumstances’ and the ‘Situation’ which always get the worst out of you. How many times have you pondered back on your acts done in the past and thought that you could have reacted better!!!!

So think on these usual I am keeping it short...Maybe this time I want you guys to fill the blanks!!

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  1. Am I too allowed to say something?! .. well.. Nevermind .. all I'd say "somewhere I (too) belong" .. =p